Running Your Pet Business The Ultimate Guide to Setting Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Rates for 2021
A guide to help you determine how much to charge for dog walking, dog sitting, cat sitting, and overnight pet care.
Josh Winer
February 24, 2021
Product Updates Automatic Charging
Automatic Charging fully automates payments in your Time To Pet account!
Product Updates COVID-19 Features — Gift Cards and Cancelled Visits Report
Time To Pet has released two new features to help during COVID-19 — Gift Cards and Cancelled Visits Reports.
Running Your Pet Business Some Data on Tips in Time To Pet
We were asked a question about tips in Time To Pet that got us thinking...
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Redeeming Credit to Client's Account
This week's Friday Feature Focus will show you how to apply credit to a client's open invoice!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Adding Credit To A Client's Account
Credits are a great way to thank a customer for referring their neighbor or making good on a poor experience!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Using Bulk Invoicing to Apply Credits and Open Payments
Bulk Invoicing makes the process of applying credits and open payments simple and quick!
Running Your Pet Business Should You Grandfather in Old Pet Sitting Clients When Raising Your Rates?
After deciding to increase your rates - the next question is should you grandfather existing clients in at the old rates?
Product Updates Refund Payments from Time To Pet!
Payments made via WePay can now be refunded to your client's directly from Time To Pet!
Product Updates Easily Add a Tip to a Paid Invoice!
We've made it simple for your clients to add a tip to a paid invoice from the App and the Portal!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Payments Report
Easily access business data on payments in the Payments Report!
Product Updates Day 3 of New Releases — Improvements to Invoicing
Our last round of updates includes some major improvements to invoicing!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus  -  Credit Card Required for Service Request
Simplify getting paid by requiring your client has a card on file to book services!
Product Updates Friday Feature Focus - Required Credit Card
An ooptional new feature from Time To Pet requiring a card be on file before services can be requested.
Product Updates Bulk Scheduling Confirmations, Auto Tips, and Much More!
We have a huge round of feature updates for you all this time around!
Product Updates Required Credit Card, Editing Pending Requests & More!
New Features: Required Credit Card, Editing Pending Requests & Multiple Staff Filtering