This is Part 1 in a series on “What is Pet Sitting Software?” Stay tuned for our future posts in the coming weeks!

For a pet sitter or dog walker — there is no tool more important than your schedule. Your schedule is the heartbeat of your business. Your schedule shows you all of your events and in what order you expect to complete them. When your clients need more visits — you add them to your schedule and when your clients cancel visits — you take them off. If you’ve never used Pet Sitting Software before, you probably use Google Calendar or maybe pen and paper to keep track of all of your visits. While that definitely works — it can be hard to manage your schedule as your business grows. On top of that — as your business grows, so does the time you spend doing visits, creating invoices, updating your clients, etc. It truly is a snowball effect that zaps your time and energy.

One of the key features of a great Pet Sitting Software system is the schedule. The schedule provides an up to date and live view of all of your visits. You can reorder visits, add new events and cancel or delete services right from your schedule page. This updates your calendar in real time to make sure you and your team know exactly what they need to be doing.

Perfect — but what makes a great schedule? Well, to start you should be able to easily view your events how you’d like to whether that be in a day, week or month view. Your events should give just enough detail about your visits without taking up the whole screen. If you need more details, you should be able to click the event and view more. And when you need to make a change — it should be as simple as dragging an event and dropping in somewhere else.

You might be saying to yourself — “That’s exactly what Google Calendar does” and you are partially right. While the core features are similar (and that’s why Google Calendar is an awesome calendar tool) — the power of Pet Sitting Software lies in how the Schedule communicates with other parts of your system. We’ll talk more about these features in a future post but imagine this. When your client needs to add visits to your Schedule — instead of texting you or calling you, they login and request services. You can simply review and approve their request which automatically adds the visits to your schedule and sends your client a confirmation! Talk about simpler than the dreaded “Can you walk Fido tomorrow?” text while you are out caring for your other clients!

Now to really start to melt that snowball — how about when you approve those events for your client — their invoice is automatically created as well? Yes please! Your schedule should be integrated with your invoicing. Why would you ever want to schedule events and then go back in and re-enter all of those visits on an invoice? Scheduling and invoicing should be intrinsically linked which means when you add an event to your schedule, the related invoice adds a line item as well. That type of communication is how you really start to shave off hours and hours of admin work.

Up next in our “What is Pet Sitting Software” series — we will take a closer look at Invoicing. Until then, happy sitting!