View everything about your customers and their pets no matter if you are in the field completing visits, back in the office on your PC or vacationing on the beach!

Customer Conversation

Keep track of all conversations between you, your client and your team in one place! Time To Pet keeps a complete history of all messages sent back and forth to your customers. You can send messages right from your client’s profile whether on your laptop or on the mobile app. Need to include a private message just for your team? Simply change the visibility of your note and only your staff members can see it. Messages can be delivered via email, text message or both!

Sample Customer Conversation View.

Client/Pet Information

Create custom fields and capture all of the data you need to! That includes basic information, emergency contact information, feeding instructions, leash location or anything your business needs. Your clients can update their own information as well. Whether they have a new phone number, a new alarm code or a new dog – your clients make sure you have the most up to date information available.

A list of services for sitting customer.


Scheduling services for your client’s couldn’t be easier! Your customers can request their own events or you can schedule services for them. All services scheduled for your customer are also kept in an easy to view and organized place. There is no limit to the amount of information Time To Pet will store for you so if your client has 10 years’ worth of information – you can search, sort and filter to find the event you need!

Sample invoices for a client.


Time To Pet organizes all of your client’s invoices in one place. Need to review an invoice from last month? Or want to make sure that next week’s invoice is correct? Easy as can be! You can also email invoices, add payments or void invoices too. You can also integrate your Quickbooks Online account if you prefer!

Keep detailed contact information for your customers.


Still have some paper documents? Time To Pet gives you a convenient place to store them! You can scan in and upload any number of documents to your customer’s profile page and view them wherever and whenever you need to.

Never lose a client document, upload them!

Client Portal

In Time To Pet - each one of your customers has their very own client portal. They can review all messages and pictures sent to them, update their information, review and request upcoming services, view their invoices and even make payments!

Keep detailed contact information for your customers.

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