Requesting Services

You can use your Client Portal to submit service requests. To start, click on the “Schedule” link at the top of the page.

client portal screen with arrow pointing to schedule button

Click the “Request New Service” button.

Image of red Cancel/Change button and blue

You will now see a form where you can select the dates for your service(s). You can choose "Multiple Days" with a set date range or "Single Day" with one date. Then, click "Continue."

Image of service request form with option to select Multiple Days or a Single Day with a calendar option to select the dates needed

On the next screen, you can select the Pets on the visits, as well as the service needed:

Image of service request form with pets selected and dropdown showing all available services

Note: After adding the primary service type, you can add additional service types by clicking "Add More Services" on the next screen.

Next, you can select the schedule blocks you need for this service each day. Please be aware that not all services are available in all schedule blocks.

Image of service order request form with a 20 Minute Cat Sitting service select from dropdown and schedule block check box options

Lastly, you can add any extra comments or notes for your pet care pro.

Image of text box with text above it that says

When you are ready to review all of the services you have requested, click the "Add & Continue" button.

Button with an arrow pointing left that says

The next screen is where you can review all of your requests, add more services to your order, or finalize/submit your service order request.

client portal service request review screen