Making Payments In The Client Portal

This guide is a walkthrough for customers making payments on an invoice within the Client Portal.

NOTE: ACH bank accounts can only be saved to an account via the Client Portal (and cannot be saved on the App). Once it's been saved to your account, you can use it to submit payments from both the Client Portal and Client App.

Making A Payment

To make a payment toward an invoice, navigate to the "Invoices" section of your Client Portal and select one or more invoices you want to pay. You can adjust the amount you want to apply toward each invoice and add a tip if you'd like to. When you're ready, click the green "Select Payment Method" button:

NOTE: The payment method options you see on the next screen depend on your pet care company's configurations. Not all companies accept all types of payment methods.

Choose what type of payment method you'd like to add, then follow the steps below for the type of payment method you've selected.


Type in your card information, then click the green Pay button to submit the payment.

Apple Or Google Pay

Whether or not you see the ability to pay by Apple Or Google Pay will depend on which browser you are using. Google Pay is available in Google Chrome, and Apple Pay is available in Safari. Keep in mind that if your pet care provider does not have these payment options enabled, they will not be visible regardless of which browser you're using.

NOTE: Apple and Google Pay methods cannot be saved to Time To Pet.

ACH Bank Account

To pay via ACH/US bank account, start by searching for your bank, then click on your bank if found.

You'll be prompted to sign in to your online bank account and choose which account(s) should be shared with Time To Pet. Once connected, click the green Pay button to submit your payment.

If you can't find your bank, or you'd rather provide your banking details manually, you can click the "Enter bank details manually instead" button:

You'll enter your banking info, then click "Continue":

A micro-deposit will be initiated and should reach your bank account in 1-2 business days. We'll also send an email with a link you need to click to complete the verification process. Click the "Verify deposit" link in this email:

Then, enter the 6-digit code from your bank statement to verify your account: