App Updates - Acknowledge The Day and 5 Minute Warning

Michael Grenier
Michael Grenier August 31, 2021

We’ve got two brand new app features that are rolling out starting today - Acknowledge The Day and a 5 Minute Warning! First up, let’s review Acknowledge The Day.

Acknowledge The Day

Our Acknowledge The Day feature allows your team to “acknowledge” their schedule for the day each and every morning. This helps you ensure that your team is ready to go (especially for those early morning events). You can enable this feature directly in Staff Settings -> General.

Acknowledge The Day supports two different sets of rules. First, you can require your team to acknowledge their scheduled events a set number of hours prior to their first event (for example 2 to 3 hours before the first event). Alternatively, you can require your team to acknowledge their scheduled events at a set time each day (like between 5am and 9am).

Acknowledge The Day Settings

When Acknowledge The Day is enabled, your staff member will get a push notification and will see a banner at the top of their Time To Pet App allowing them to “Acknowledge” their scheduled events. Daily events can be acknowledge by clicking on this banner on the app.

Acknowledge The Day App Notification

On the dashboard, we have new reports where you can see a full list of your staff members that have acknowledged their day (or those that still have to). We’ve got a bonus widget added for this that you can add to your dashboard home page too!

Acknowledge The Day Widget

We are very excited to help our customers have more transparency with their team members with Acknowledge The Day! This feature should be fully released with the next few days as our App rollout is currently underway.

5-Minute Warning

Also included in this app rollout is a new 5 minute warning you can enable directly in your Time To Pet staff app! If you (or your staff members) would like to be notified when there are 5 minutes left in their events, the 5 minute warning can be enabled directly in the Settings section of the app. As you may have guessed, Time To Pet will send you a push notification directly to your app when enabled!

5 Minute Warning App Screenshots

Both of these features are included in the newest version of the app. The full app rollout should be completed within the next few days but you can check your app store today to see if the upgrade is available to you now!

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