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Our mission at Time To Pet is to make the process of starting, growing, and managing a pet care business easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable.

Our Story

Our story started way back in 2014 with our founder, Kyle. As an avid user of pet sitters and dog walkers, Kyle was always blown away by the service they provided to both his dogs and himself. However, the process of booking and paying for pet care service was entirely manual and left a lot to be desired.

As a pet parent, a software developer, and an entrepreneur, Kyle saw an opportunity to help make the process of managing a pet care business more automated, which would give pet care professionals more time to spend with the pets in their care. Soon after, he quit his job in corporate America and started building Time To Pet.

homepage of time to pet in 2015
Screenshot of timetopet.com homepage from 2015

During this process, Kyle reached out to hundreds of pet sitters and dog walkers in and around Austin, TX. One of those businesses happened to be owned by Mike and his wife. As the owner of a growing pet care business, Mike found many of the same pain points and challenges that Kyle did. The process of booking pet care, sending post-visit reports, managing client information, accepting payments, and generating reports took much more time than it should.

Knowing that they needed a better solution, Mike was incredibly impressed with the early version of Time To Pet and how much time it immediately saved him. All of a sudden, pet parents could submit their own service requests, invoices were automatically being generated, and payments were being made even before services started. He was the first paying customer of Time To Pet and eventually joined Kyle as his business partner and co-founder in 2015.

There are many lessons learned in those early years that have defined who we are as a company. First – we believe that nobody knows great pet sitting software better than actual pet sitters and dog walkers. Because of that, we take customer feedback and feature suggestions very seriously. We encourage all of our customers to share their feedback and help dictate what the future of Time To Pet is. Our very best features (like Videos, Automatic Payments, and Scheduled Messages, to name a few) are direct results of suggestions our customers have made.

time to pet review from 2016
Review from pet care pro in 2016 (link)

Second, we believe that pet care professionals are incredibly impressive, hard-working, important people. Choosing a career that allows you to take care of animals so their pet parents can feel confident to go to the office or to take that dream vacation is such a selfless profession. Because of that, we hire former pet care business owners and operators to join our support teams. This allows our customers to communicate with someone who is not only an expert on our product but also someone who can share advice on managing a business, how to avoid burnout, or countless other topics.

Lastly, Time To Pet is more than just a software product. We want to make the process of starting and growing your pet care business easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable. We do this by creating lots of free content like our Time To Pet Academy, free tools like our Rate Calculators, and by building a community of pet care professionals who can share stories, ideas, and support for one another. As a team of pet parents and former pet care professionals – we feel so fortunate to work with such amazing people who are incredibly talented business owners and even better people.

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