Client Service Requests

Allow Your Clients To Request Their Own Events

For a growing pet care company - managing customer requests can be taxing. Some clients call, some text, some email, and some leave you a sticky note on the counter. Time To Pet organizes all service requests and gives customers simple tools to request precisely what they need.

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Single Request

When making service order requests via the Pet Parent App or Portal, your customer has two options. First is the single request. This allows your client to quickly and easily request one visit at a time. Just need a walk next week? This is the perfect option! Clients can request the date, service, schedule block, which pets are included, and add any notes you need!

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Multiple Visits

If your client is going out of town or needs to request several visits - they can use the multiple visits tool! When requesting multiple visits, customers can select the date range they need and their primary service. They can then pick their pets, add some notes, and choose which schedule blocks they need during their date range. They can also switch out some of the visits for a different type of service if required!

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Required Fields

Having accurate and complete information from pet parent clients is essential for pet sitters and dog walkers. You need to know pet information, their address, emergency contact information, and more. In Time To Pet - you can set these fields as required, which means your customer needs to complete them before they can request services.

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Cancel/Change Services

Sometimes things change, and your customer needs to adjust their scheduled visits. Time To Pet makes this simple by allowing your client to submit a cancellation or change request. You always get to review the cancellation request before processing it to ensure only the correct visits get adjusted.

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