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One person companies

For those just starting their pet care business journey or looking for a basic tool to help them manage scheduling and invoicing.


One person companies

For a growing, one person-business looking for advanced functionality like videos, integrations, and email marketing.


+$15/month per active staff

For a pet care business that has staff members and needs additional tools like time off, permissions, pay reports, and more.

$110/month for
Large Team
Teams over 25

For a large pet care business with more than 25 active staff members. Contact our team for custom pricing and additional onboarding support.


Pet care facilities

For a pet care facility offering daycare, boarding, or other types of facility-based services.

In-Home + Facility

If your business operates a pet care facility and also offers in-home services (like pet sitting or dog walking), please contact our team for more information on using both types of software for your business.

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Time To Pet Payments

Take credit cards, ACH, or Google/Apple Pay. Pet parents can pay through the mobile app or web browser.

Automatic Charging

Automatic Charging streamlines payment processing for your pet care business. You can customize the days and times for payments to run and select which invoices to charge, such as those due today or past due by a specified number of days.

Frequency Discounts

Frequency discounts at Time To Pet are automatic discounts that apply when a client schedules a certain minimum number of services within a specified time period.

Customizable Rates

Set custom client rates for varying prices on the same service. Time To Pet consistently applies these rates when generating future invoices for the client.

Bulk Invoicing

Use Bulk Invoicing to streamline your invoicing tasks. Whether you want to email invoices or run card payments on specific days, Bulk Invoicing makes the process quick and efficient.

Client Service Requests

Customers can submit service orders via the Client App or Portal for single or multiple events. Admins receive notifications for new requests, and they can approve, reject, and confirm them for clients.


Templates automate scheduling and invoicing for regular, recurring customers based on their billing frequency, whether weekly or monthly.

Custom Views

Gain insight into your company's schedule with ten customizable calendar views, three unique color-coding options, and the flexibility to filter by client, staff, or service type. Tailor your view to suit your needs perfectly.

Schedule Blocks

You define schedule blocks for specific days and times. Clients can choose from these blocks when requesting a service, and you can customize which services are available for each block.

Bulk Scheduling

Use our Trip Tool to schedule multiple events in a single day or spanning multiple days - all at once.

Client Management
Portal & App Access

Your clients will be able to request services, pay invoices, and send messages through a web portal or the mobile app.

Conversation Feed

Time To Pet simplifies impressing customers with immediate updates after visits. Reports can feature notes, pictures, and a report card. Messages are sent via email, text, or push notifications through the Client's Time To Pet App, allowing direct responses.

Client & Pet Fields

Access to customer data is crucial for pet care businesses. Custom Fields allow capturing specific information like leash or litter box location. Clients can update profiles via the App or Client Portal, or staff can do it. Customer info is accessible via the Staff App.


What do clients love more than getting pictures of their pets? Videos! Send videos that are up to 20 seconds long.

Email Campaigns

Time To Pet simplifies creating and sending bulk email campaigns to all clients at once. Whether it's announcing a new hire or sending a monthly newsletter with images, the process is straightforward.

Staff Management
Staff App

Staff need convenient access to schedules and client/pet details while in the field. The Time To Pet Staff App provides this, allowing them to view, complete, and update events with ease, including sending updates and pictures directly to customers from their smartphones.


GPS data enhances service transparency, collected during staff check-in/check-out or for the entire event. Optionally, clients can also access this data.

Time Off

Staff can request time off or have it scheduled for them, with notifications for any conflicts. Visits can be swiftly reassigned, and staff can set up recurring time off for school or other commitments.


Time To Pet offers four staff roles: admin, office manager, regular staff, and trainee, each with specific permissions and responsibilities tailored to their role.


Time To Pet integrates with Zapier, allowing you to automate tasks and workflows in tools you use to manage your pet care company outside of Time To Pet.

Quickbooks Online

Time To Pet integrates with your Quickbooks Online account, allowing your invoices, services, payments, and clients to be automatically kept in sync as changes are made in your Time To Pet account.

Text Messaging

Time To Pet's text messaging offers flexibility for client communication. Messages can be delivered via push notification, email, or text message, and clients can respond directly. Staff phone numbers remain private as messages are sent from the company texting phone number, and responses are automatically captured in the conversation feed.

Dropbox Backup

Time To Pet supports an automated integration with Dropbox to back up your client, pet, and schedule data nightly to your Dropbox account. When enabled and connected, look for the "Apps/Time To Pet" folder in your Dropbox account.


Time To Pet supports calendar integrations with many third-party calendars such as Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo Calendar, and any provider that supports the iCalendar format.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an active staff member?

    An active staff member is any staff member who has at least one scheduled service during the billing period. Office managers and administrators are always counted as active.

    This is automatically calculated at the end of each billing period, which means there is no need to manually activate/deactivate staff members. Your costs will also be significantly lower during the slow months!

  • What is your support like?

    Time To Pet has a strong commitment to customer support. The easiest way to submit a support request is to send us a message. You can also view all of our contact information on our support page.

  • Can I Switch Between Plans?

    You sure can! On the Lite plan, you can upgrade your account to Solo/Team anytime. You can also downgrade to Lite from our Solo plan. For the Solo and Team Plans, Time To Pet will automatically calculate the number of active staff members in your account each billing period. If you have more than one active staff member, you will automatically transition to the Team plan. If you go back down to one active staff member in the next month, we will automatically switch you back to the Solo plan.

  • Do I have to sign a contract?

    No. Your Time To Pet account is billed monthly. You are free to cancel at any time with no fees. If you cancel in the middle of a billing period, we will also waive any partial-month fees.

    The Lite and Solo plans can be paid annually. On the annual plan, you pay for 10 months and get 12 months of access to Time To Pet. Don't worry—you can still cancel, and we will give you a prorated refund at the non-discounted rate.

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