Because Every Pet Sitting Company Is Different

No two pet sitting or dog walking businesses are the same. That's why we allow the industry's most advanced level of configuration. You can customize nearly every aspect of your pet sitting software, including custom fields, permissions, branding, theme, and more!

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Company Settings

You can customize every detail about your company, from your name, business address, social media links, and Client Portal tag. Creating a custom Client Portal tag gives your company a unique link to share with clients and to use on your website under your "Client Login" button. You can also set tax rates, custom key locations, and more!

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Custom Fields

Pet sitting and dog walking companies collect very different information about their clients. A company in New York City may look for data on dog parks and cross streets, while a company in Iowa may need to know where a pet sitter should park their car. Time To Pet allows you to customize all the information you collect about pet parents and their pets!

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Happiness Survey

The happiness survey is a tool used to gather regular feedback from your clients. Most companies believe their clients are happy with their service, but are they 100% sure? The happiness survey allows you to collect regular, recurring feedback and address any issues that may arise before they become problems.

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Custom Messaging

Building a company is about more than dog walks and invoices. It's about creating a brand. Every interaction with your customer should reflect that brand. That's why we allow custom messaging. You can customize messages automatically sent to clients, including the welcome email, service confirmations, and invoice emails. You can customize messaging throughout our system, including service cut-off warnings, event-started notifications, etc.

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Time To Pet supports four unique roles. Admins, office managers, staff members, and trainees. Each role includes its own unique set of permissions that allows that role access to different features in your system. Want to enable office managers to approve schedule requests? Just adjust their permission settings!

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Client Agreements

When your pet parents log in to the Portal for the very first time - you can require that they e-sign your company's agreements. The Client Agreement is a custom agreement (or multiple agreements) you can create directly inside Time To Pet. When updating the agreement - you can even force all clients to re-sign the new policy!

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New Client Form

Existing customers can login to your Portal using the Client Portal tag link. But what about new clients? Time To Pet allows you to create a custom new client form. After creating your new client form, you can add a new link directly to your website for these new clients!

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Quickbooks Integration

Connecting your Time To Pet account with Quickbooks Online allows you to sync invoices, payments, client info, and more! The Quickbooks Online integration is real-time, which means your data is automatically synced to your QB account. No more double entries into your accounting software!

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Theme Settings

You've worked hard on creating your brand, and your pet sitting software should reflect that. In theme settings, you can customize all the colors in your Time To Pet account to match your business colors. This includes the dashboard, the Pet Parent Portal, and all emails sent from your company!

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We understand that maintaining the security of your data is of critical importance. That's why all communication in Time To Pet is done with the same 128-bit level encryption that your bank uses. Our data centers are also staffed by 24/7 security. In order to make sure you always have access to your data, we also support a Dropbox integration to backup your data, a redundant server system, and a fully replicated backup server.

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