Client Management

Managing Your Pet Parent Clients Has Never Been This Easy

At Time To Pet, we've made it easy for pet parent clients to keep their information up-to-date in real time! Plus, our user-friendly platform allows your team to access all the necessary client and pet information when in the field. They can even send pet parents updates with pictures and visit report cards as soon as they complete pet care services.


Pet Parent App

Your customers love the services you provide. We believe requesting services from your company should be just as easy and enjoyable. That's why we created the Time To Pet App - a user-friendly tool that simplifies the pet care process for both you and your clients.

With Time To Pet, your customers can quickly request new services, check their scheduled visits, update their pet information, view and send messages to your team, and make payments. And for your team, our platform ensures that all of the important client and pet information is easily accessible in the field. Plus, pet parents can receive updates with pictures and visit report cards as soon as services are completed. Download the Time To Pet App today from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store and discover a better way to manage your pet care business.

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Pet Parent Portal

Your clients deserve the best; we're here to ensure that's precisely what they get. That's why we've built the Pet Parent Portal - an easy-to-use, web-based online tool that makes managing pet care services a breeze! With the Pet Parent Portal, your customers can quickly request new services, view upcoming events, update pet information, and even make payments - all from the comfort of their own computers.

And for you and your team, the Pet Parent Portal ensures that all important client and pet information is up-to-date. You can customize your Pet Parent Portal with your branding, including your logo, custom colors, and social media links!

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Pet Parent Onboarding

Onboarding a new pet parent client should be simple and convenient for your customers. In Time To Pet - it is! We've built Pet Parent Onboarding as a step-by-step guide for your new customers to set their password, sign your agreements, update their information, and add a payment method.

You have complete control over your Pet Parent Onboarding experience! Not yet ready to accept credit cards? You can disable that step! You can also add a custom message welcoming new clients to your business. There is nothing like a first impression; we ensure it is a positive experience for your clients.

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Customer Conversations

With Time To Pet, it is easy to wow your customers with instant updates as soon as their visits are completed! Your team is prompted to send post-visit reports that can include notes, pictures, and answers to your visit report card questions.

All messages sent to your pet parent clients can be delivered as email, text, or push notifications directly to your Client's Time To Pet App in real-time. They can respond directly to your message, and Time To Pet will also capture their response in their conversation feed!

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Client/Pet Information

Are you looking for a way to keep track of all of your client and pet information in one place? We've got you covered! Having reliable access to your customer data is essential for a pet sitting or dog walking business.

Have some information that is unique to your business? You can capture all of the information you need using Custom Fields! Want to add information on leash location or litter box location? Not a problem! Clients can update their profile directly from the App or the Pet Parent Portal, or you can update their profile for them. You and your team will always have access to customer information on the Staff App as well!

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We make it simple for clients to request visits for their furry friends. Pet Parents can easily make requests through our convenient App or Portal. Your team can review each request before it is approved, so you can ensure you have availability for your clients.

With Time To Pet, your customers can view all pending or scheduled visits, submit cancellation or change requests, and add specific notes when making requests. Plus, you can schedule events for your clients with helpful tools like templates or schedule a trip. It's never been easier to keep track of your schedule!

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Time To Pet makes invoicing a breeze! By linking scheduled events to invoices, creating invoices and getting paid is finally enjoyable. Pet Parents can quickly review and pay their invoices using credit/debit cards or ACH. And, if a job is particularly well done, clients can leave a tip to show their appreciation!

Want to take it a step further? Time To Pet even supports advanced pay tools like automatic tips and automatic charging. You can set your invoicing on complete autopilot with Time To Pet!

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Client Docs

At Time To Pet, we know that pet sitting and dog walking businesses have a lot of important information to keep track of. That's why we created Client Docs - a simple and convenient tool that allows you to save important documents.

You can save individual documents like vaccination records or company documents like your pricing list directly to a client's profile. Say goodbye to cluttered paperwork and hello to an organized and stress-free business!

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