Pet Parent Communication Is Key For Your Pet Care Business

At Time To Pet, we understand the importance of clear communication between pet care providers and their pet parent clients. That's why we offer multiple ways to keep in touch with your clients, including In-App notifications, email, and even text messages. Our platform also allows you to share real-time updates with pictures, notes, and a Visit Report Card after each visit. These features help you provide the best possible experience for your furry clients and their families!

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Visit Report Cards

In Time To Pet, you can create custom report cards that your staff members can answer after each event. You can link different report cards to various services. Need questions like "Did you get exercise?" or "Did the dog use the bathroom?" for your dog walking services? No problem!

The answers to these questions, along with fun icons, can be sent to your pet parent clients along with any notes or pictures you've included! This is a great, fun way to keep your clients in the loop on how their pets are doing and ensure they are happy with your service.

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Email Campaigns

Do you need a way to let your pet parent clients know about a new hire or to send out a monthly newsletter? With Time To Pet, creating and sending a bulk email campaign to all your clients (or a subset of your clients) at once is a breeze!

You can include images, format your text, filter which pet parents get your campaign, and ensure that you deliver your important announcements the way you need to.

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Text Messaging

Time To Pet makes sending updates via emails, push notifications, or even text messages to your pet parent clients easy. Text Messages are sent using your company texting phone number, and clients can respond directly to the text.

Their response is automatically captured by Time To Pet and added directly to their conversation feed! Texting makes it easy to communicate with your pet parent clients how they are used to.

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Have you ever wanted to see all of the fantastic pictures your team members send on a daily basis? With Time To Pet, you can! The Gallery lets you see all the cute pet pictures your staff sends your clients. You can filter your Gallery by date range too!

See one that is really great? You can download it to share on your social network of choice!

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Message Approvals

Many growing pet care businesses need to be sure the message sent to a pet parent does not have any mistakes, whether that is a type-o, a blurry picture, or something different. When Approvals are enabled, Time To Pet allows you to review the messages your team members send to pet parents.

Approvals can be enabled for specific roles (like trainees only), and an admin can edit messages and adjust pictures before finalizing and sending them to the client!

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