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How does Time To Pet Compare?

Looking to change your pet sitting software? Time To Pet has created this guide to help compare our platform with Pet Sitter Plus. If you have any additional questions - please do not hesitate to reach out!


Modern design for modern pet sitters.

Time To Pet is focused on powerful features wrapped up in a high-quality design. This means your clients and staff can navigate the system easily. Clients can request services, update information and make payments with a few clicks whether on the Client Portal or when using the Client App. Staff can organize and navigate their whole day on the dedicated mobile applications as well.


All the features you need.

Time To Pet makes scheduling events, creating invoices, paying staff members and much more as easy as can be. Clients can request their own services and automated confirmations are sent as soon as you approve. Arranging your schedule is as easy as dragging and dropping your events! You can also create visit report cards, use tasks/reminders and understand how your business is doing with happiness surveys.


Advanced features like Mobile Apps, Text Messaging, Quickbooks Integration and Calendar Integration.

Looking to really impress your clients and your staff? Time To Pet supports client and staff mobile apps for both Android and iPhone devices, automated text messages that can be sent to clients and staff, a full Quickbooks Online integration and third party calendar integrations!


Easy billing.

Time To Pet does not do tiered pricing. Why pay for five staff members if you only have two? We only bill you for staff that actually worked. We will never charge for a data import or for customer support either! Our pricing is all inclusive.

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Emphasis on customer support.

We understand how important good customer support is. That’s why we provide U.S. based, unlimited support for new and existing clients. Need help importing your existing data? Not a problem and we will never charge for that service either!

Have a suggestion about our product? We would love to hear it too! All of our best features come from suggestions from our clients.

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