Invoicing can be one of the hardest parts of operating a business but it doesn’t have to be that way. Time To Pet makes invoicing and getting paid simple by linking invoicing with scheduled events, utilizing custom client rates, accepting online payments and the ability to process invoices in bulk.

Connected To Scheduling

By linking invoicing with scheduling - Time To Pet automatically generates your invoices based off of your scheduled events. That means you only bill customers for their actual visits and you do not need to re-create your invoices. No need to count your visits for the week or the month! Invoices are created automatically.

Service Order.png

Custom Client Rates

But what happens when you have different customers paying different rates for the same service? You can set custom client rates for your customers. When a client has a custom rate - Time To Pet will always use that custom rate when generating future invoices for your client.

Custom Client Rate.png


Generating invoices is only half the battle. Your clients can also make payments to their invoices directly from the Client App or the Client Portal. Did you do a great job? Clients can also add a tip when making payments! Payments can be made via credit/debit card or through an ACH or e-check.

Portal Payment With Tip.png

Bulk Invoicing

If you tend to complete a lot of your invoicing activities on the same day - you can use Bulk Invoicing to complete these actions at the same time! Want to email all of your invoices on Friday? Or how about run the card on file for your clients on Wednesday? Bulk Invoicing can make each process quick and easy.

Bulk Invoicing Email.png

Quickbooks Integration

For companies who use Quickbooks Online - Time To Pet can automatically sync all of your invoices, payments and clients directly to your Quickbooks account! No need to re-enter payments or invoices. Let Time To Pet sync all your info for you!


Want to See More?

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