Keep Your Schedule Full With Time To Pet’s Scheduling Tools

Scheduling and completing events is what operating a pet sitting or dog walking business is all about. Time To Pet keeps scheduling simple with several tools for you and your pet parent clients. Clients can request their services via the Pet Parent App or Pet Paret Portal, or you can schedule events for them using templates or schedule a trip. Scheduling is also intrinsically linked to invoicing, so you never have to re-create invoices. They are automatically generated for you!

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Client Service Requests

Customers can submit service order requests directly from the Pet Parent App or the Pet Parent Portal. Service order requests can either be for one event or multiple events. Your admin team is notified of each new request. You can approve or reject the request and send a confirmation to your client too!

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For all of your regular, recurring customers - you can create a template just for them. Templates allow you to automatically schedule and invoice your regular clients based on their billing frequency. Want to invoice them weekly? How about monthly? Not a problem with templates!

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Packages are perfect for bundled visits. If you sell ten dog walks at a time, you can create a package and incentivize your customer to pre-pay for these services. Packages can either provide a discount on the total price or can be sold at a flat rate!

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Schedule A Trip

Even though clients can make their requests through the App or Portal - sometimes clients may ask for visits differently. Scheduling a trip is the easiest and fastest way to schedule multiple visits for your pet parent clients over a date range. If your client is going out of town and needs three visits per day for a week - you can schedule their trip with just a few clicks!

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Bulk Update

The world of pet sitting and dog walking can be unpredictable. Sometimes things change on a dime, and you need to update your visits as fast as possible. Bulk updating events makes it super easy to re-assign events to a new staff member or adjust the status for multiple events simultaneously.

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Schedule Blocks

When submitting service order requests - Time To Pet does not allow clients to select exact times. Instead, clients can request visits inside of pre-defined schedule blocks. These blocks of time are entirely customizable by your company and help give you and your team more flexibility when approving and scheduling requests.

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