Schedule Blocks

The Flexibility You Need To Schedule Events

Instead of allowing clients to request visits at exact times - Time To Pet supports schedule blocks. Schedule blocks allow you to create custom time blocks for your clients to request visits. That means your client can request a visit in the "Afternoon" instead of requesting one right at 1 pm. That's the flexibility you need!

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Fully Customizable

No two businesses are the same. That's why Time To Pet allows you to customize all of your schedule blocks. Do you have one-hour windows? Or just two blocks per day? You can adjust and edit all of the schedule blocks for your company.

You can even limit specific services to specific schedule blocks! Only offer dog walks in the afternoon and not on the weekends? No problem with our Limit Services tools!

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Client Time Display

Time To Pet uses a real calendar to schedule events. That means visits are scheduled at real times, but many pet sitters and dog walkers prefer their clients don't see the exact times of their visits. That's exactly what the client time display tool is for! You can set a description (like "Afternoon") instead of showing your client "1 pm". This gives you and your team the flexibility you need to complete services.

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