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Gather The Information That You Need To Manage Your Pet Care Company

One of the first lessons we learned here at Time To Pet is that pet sitting and dog walking businesses can be very different. These different businesses also collect very specific pieces of information. Instead of creating one set of fields and requiring our customers to adapt their business to their software, we committed to customization. Each company can customize all of its fields to ensure they collect the information that is important to them.

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Client Fields

All the information you collect about your pet parent customers can be customized. If your business is in a big city and you need to know the doorman's name, add it as a custom field. Do you live in a small town and need to know if your client has any outdoor pets? Not a problem! Time To Pet is flexible for your company.

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Pet Fields

In addition to custom fields for your pet parent clients - you can also customize all of the fields for the pets you take care of. Add fields like leash location or feeding instructions. Do you specialize in reptiles? Add custom fields to make it easier! Whatever information you require to run your business can be added as a custom field!

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Required Fields

Not all information is created equal. Some fields are essential to providing pet sitting and dog walking services. For your business, that may be the client's address, access instructions, or emergency contact info. When editing your custom fields, you can set your own required fields for both client and pet information.

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When adding lots of custom fields, sorting them into groups to keep similar fields close to each other can be helpful. Groups can be things like Emergency Contact Information, which includes fields about the emergency contact, their phone number, email, or their location.

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