Setting The Industry Standard For Data Security, Integrity, And Accessibility

Maintaining the security, integrity, and accessibility of your data is the most important part of Time To Pet. We've taken significant steps to ensure that this data is protected. This includes data encryption, an automated backup integration with Dropbox, and advanced servers.

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128-Bit Encryption

Your data is always stored and transmitted in an encrypted format. Our 128-bit encryption is the same level of encryption banks use. Our physical servers are located in a secure facility with 365x24x7 manned security. They are in what is considered a "Disaster Neutral Zone" of the United States (meaning there is a minimal probability of a natural disaster). We also have strict policies and systems in place to ensure only the correct people have access to your data (i.e., you and your staff).



Time To Pet's main server uses a redundant system that maximizes both performance and uptime. In addition - Time To Pet provides a real-time, always-available backup of your entire company and its data. The Time To Pet backup server is always accessible to you and your staff and is an exact replica of the data on the main Time To Pet server. We also perform a complete system replication on a daily basis, and your company data is backed up multiple times a day, encrypted, and stored in a separate data center in a different region of the country (in addition to the backup server).

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Dropbox Integration

Our Dropbox integration provides daily backups of all of the essential data in your Time To Pet system to your Dropbox account. This means that if the primary Time To Pet system was down for any reason - you could still access all your information inside of Dropbox.

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