Client and Staff Flags - Now with Mobile App Support!

Michael Grenier
Michael Grenier November 1, 2019

We've been hard at work building some awesome new features for our customers! Today, the team at Time To Pet is very proud to announce Client and Staff Flags. Client and staff flags are a versatile new tool to help you better identify important pieces of information about your clients and staff members.

There are countless uses for client and staff flags but here are some of the most common. You can flag clients based on their payment type (like "Cash" or "Credit Card"), if they have a preference for certain sitters (like "No Male Sitters"), if they have pets with special needs (like "Needs Harness" or "Allergies"), if they have a lockbox, have an alarm, have cameras, and many more.

Staff can be flagged for items like "No Weekend Work", "CPR Certified", "Team Lead", "No Cats", etc. You can also flag clients and staff based on the areas they live in and the areas they cover. For example - you can flag a client as "Downtown" and flag staff that cover "Downtown" so you can quickly find a staff member that can provide services.

For more information on Client and Staff Flags - check out our knowledge base.

There are two places where you can add flags. First - these can be found in a new section in Company Settings called Flags. You can add client flags at the top of the page:

Client Flags in Company Settings

And staff flags at the bottom:

Staff Flags in Company Settings

You can add a new flag by clicking the blue "Add Flag" button. To add a flag for a client, click the "Add Client Flag" option. To add a flag for a staff, click the "Add Staff Flag" button. When adding a new flag, you can name the flag (this is limited to 24 characters), add a description (limited to 255 characters), add an abbreviation (for when screen size makes viewing the full flag name difficult - this is limited to 2 characters), choose the flag visibility (flags can be visible by Admin only, Admin and Office Manager, or Admin, Office and Staff Members), and set your flag color. It's important to note here that flags are never visible by clients.

Add New Client Flag Window

Flags can then be added directly to clients or staff members on their client or staff profile pages. Here is an example of adding a flag to a client's profile:

Add Flag to Client Profile

After clicking the "Add Flag" button, you can view a full list of flags. These are searchable and you can also add new flags right from here by typing the name of a flag not already in your list.

Add Flag to Client Profile Dropdown

After selecting the correct flags, you can view these right on the client's profile. Please be aware that each client can only have six flags associated with them at a time.

Client Profile with Tags

You can remove any unwanted flags by clicking the "Edit" button and then selecting the small "X" on the flag you would like to delete (this will free up a spot to add a new flag to the client's profile).

Remove Flags

Adding flags to a staff profile works in the same way. Just navigate to a staff member's profile page and click the "Add Flag" button:

Add Flag to Staff Profile

After searching for flags and selecting the correct ones, you can view all flags right on the staff profile page (this is also limited to 6 flags):

Staff Profile with Flags

After adding flags to your clients and staff - you can really start to see the power of using flags in Time To Pet. In virtually every area of our system where a client or staff member's name is listed, their associated flags (or the abbreviated flag) will also be visible. You can also hover over any of the abbreviations to see the full flag name. This includes the Client List:

Client List with Flags

The Staff List:

Staff List with Flags

A client's service order (the client flags are shown above the client name and staff flags are under the staff name on each event they are scheduled for):

Service Order Multiple Events with Flags

The Edit Event screen when selecting a staff member:

Staff Flags in List

When a staff member has been selected on an event:

Staff Flags on Edit Event Screen

In pending and change requests:

Client Flags on Pending Request

And in many, many other places in Time To Pet. We definitely recommend playing around to find all of the places you can see client and staff flags. In our opinion, two of the most important places to view these are when viewing event details on the Scheduler (we've also made some design improvements here to give flags more space):

Event Details with Flags

And when using the Client/Staff search box at the top of the screen:

Flags in Search Box

Flags in the Mobile App

Flags are also supported in the Mobile App! You can see your relevant flags when viewing scheduled events in the App:

Viewing Flags on Scheduled Events in App

When viewing information on a client:

Viewing Flags in Client View of App

And when viewing all of your clients in the Client List:

Viewing Flags in Client List of App

The uses of Flags are limitless. We are excited to see how creative our customers will get with flags! As always, if you have any questions - don't hesitate to contact us. You can also review our help doc on Client and Staff Flags for more details.

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