We are extremely excited to announce two huge new features this week: Configurable Homepage and Bulk Update.

Configurable Homepage

The default layout of the Time To Pet homepage (the first page you see after logging in) displays your daily calendar and a list of all visits that have a start time in the past and have not yet been marked as completed.

It is now possible to configure the layout and as well as which reports (also called widgets) are part of the layout. There are 8 layouts and 14 widgets to choose from (we are planning on adding more widgets in the near future).

For more information and details on how to configure your homepage please visit: Configuring the Homepage

Bulk Update

Previously with Bulk Edit it was only possible to edit multiple events that were part of the same Invoice. No more!

With Bulk Update you can now re-assign and change the status of up to 1000 events at once!

For more details including a video please visit our new help article: Bulk Update