Customer Revenue Segmentation, Task Improvements & more!

Customer Revenue Segmentation

Time To Pet has introduced a powerful new tool to our Reporting arsenal: Customer Segmentation.

The Revenue Reports section can now be sliced and diced based on pre-defined segments (Referral Source and Zip Code) or by any custom field you define as a Customer Segment:

Customer Revenue Segmentation options

This allows you to drill down and explore where your Revenue is coming from. To enable a custom field as a Customer Segment simply check "Customer Segment" in Settings > Custom Fields:

Customer Revenue Segmentation Settings

View All Tasks on Client Page

Customer Revenue Segmentation Clients

Previously only Tasks that were assigned to you were visible from the Client's page. In order to improve transparency and ensure no task goes unnoticed you can now see all Assigned Tasks from the Client's profile.

Split Service Requests by 15th of Month

Service Requests

A new automatic option has been added to our recently announced Split Request feature allowing you to split service requests by the 15th of each month (each split will be 1st-15th and 16th-EndOfMonth).

Improvements to Invoice View in Client Portal

Client Portal

If you have elected to show Paid Invoices to your Clients they will now be separated out in the Client Portal. This gives precedence and clarity to your Clients so they can more easily see which Invoices are still due.

27 New Visit Report Icons

We've also added 27 new Visit Report icons available now! Note these will only be visible on the most recent version of the Mobile App, make sure your sitters are all up to date.

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