Our next announcement of new Time To Pet functionality highlights three major improvements to Templates, the ability to quickly download a copy of a signed Portal Policy, and an Admin warning when a client has not completed their required fields. First, let's take a look at some template improvements.

Template Bulk Approval

Time To Pet now supports the ability to manually approve your templates in bulk! You'll notice a new button as soon as you navigate to the templates section:

After clicking "Bulk Approve" - you will now have the ability to bulk approve your templates! No more having to manually approve all 25 of your templates each week!

Auto Approving Templates up to 180 Days in Advance

Previously, templates could only be "Auto Approved" the number of days that were in their billing frequency. For example, a weekly template could only be "Auto Approved" 7 days in advance. Not anymore! All templates can now be auto approved up to 180 days in advance. This allows you to schedule your templates visits up to 6 months out in the future without having to use projections!

Projections have Staff Color Border

Template visits that have not yet been approved always show up in a yellow color on the Scheduler. This helps you view these events on your calendar before they have been scheduled. For companies that color code their events based on the assigned staff member --- it can be hard to see which staff member has been scheduled this "projected" visit. All projected visits will now have a border color that matches their "staff color" making it even easier to see who has been scheduled for future, not yet scheduled template events.

Download Signed Portal Policy

If you ever find yourself in a position where you need to download and/or print a copy of the signed portal policy agreement your client has e-signed, you can do so directly from the client profile! Just click the blue Quick Actions button and select "Download Signed Policy".

Time To Pet will download a PDF version of your portal policy complete with your client signature and the date of their signature.

Client Missing Required Fields Warning for Admin

If you have enabled Required Fields for your clients, Time To Pet will now warn you when you attempt to schedule visits for customers that have not completed their required fields. Just look for the warning notifications directly on the Scheduler page when scheduling events for your client. We will warn you both about required fields that are missing as well as if your client does not have a credit card on file and you require one.

We have one more blog post highlighting more improvements. Stay tuned!