Our next round of updates include one of our most requested features! Today - we are announcing a significant improvement to how tips work with Paid Invoices.

Whenever a client is making a payment on their invoice in the Client App or the Client Portal - they are presented with the opportunity to add a tip. However - in some cases, a client may pre-pay an invoice and then want to leave a tip when they return home as thanks for a job well done.

We’ve now made it super easy for a client to add a tip to a Paid Invoice. First - be sure that you show “Paid Invoices” to clients and you allow tipping. Both can be enabled in the Portal Settings section.

Now, when a client navigates to the Paid Invoices section of their Client Portal - there is an option to “Add Tip” to their paid invoices.

The client can then select how much they want to tip and process the payment for their tip.

Clients can also add a tip to a paid invoice in the Client App.

And they can select how much they would like to tip from here as well.

If you are interested in learning more about tips in Time To Pet and how much the average person tips when making a payment - check out our recent blog post on Data on Tips in Time To Pet.

We’ve also released two updates to the Geo Scheduler tool! You can now utilize time constraints while Geo Scheduling. This makes it easy to just see mid-day events and exclude any morning or night visits.

And lastly - when clicking on a visit marker in the Geo Schedule tool, we will now show you the type of visit you selected.

Let us know if you have any questions!