Enhanced Time Off Requests

Previously it was not possible to add a recurring Time Off request with an end date, well no more! Recurring Time Off Requests now have a Start Date and an optional End Date saving you and your sitters significant time.

CSV Pay Stubs

All generated Pay Stubs will now be available for download as CSV in addition to PDF. We hope this will save those using Payroll Processing a huge amount of time and effort each pay period.

Disable Tipping in Portal

If you wish to only collect Tips in Cash it is now possible to completely disable tipping in the Client Portal. You can disable tipping in Portal Settings -> Allow Tipping.

Minor Updates

  • You can now add the Inexact Client Display Time to each event on the Mobile Application. Find this new option in Mobile Settings -> Mobile Field Configuration.
  • Tips -> Disbursed Tips will now provide a “Calendar” link to quickly view the Invoice and its scheduled events on the calendar.