We are happy to highlight some more great features we have released that we hope will streamline your time spent even more!

First/Last Visits

Time To Pet can now automatically mark the first and last visit of a Client’s visit so that you and your staff are always automatically made aware.

This feature needs to be enabled first:

  1. Visit Scheduler Settings.
  2. Change “Event Settings” -> “First/Last Information” to Show.
  3. Click “Save Changes”. Once enabled we will indicate when a visit is the first and last in the following locations:

  4. On the Mobile Application
  5. On the Mobile Homepage
  6. In the Client’s Profile -> Service List
  7. On the Scheduler.
  8. In the Daily Summary.

This is all automatic and will apply to all previous and future scheduled services.

Template Approval Day Configuration

It is now possible to configure the amount of days a Template will be approved before the Template’s first day. By default automatic Templates are approved 3 days prior. For Manually Approved templates this setting controls how many days prior we will mark a Template as “Requiring Approval”.

To change the approval timeframe on an already existing Template and to set the timeframe on a new Template look for the “Approval Date” option.

Note: The Approval Date has a maximum of the number of days in the Template. For example a Weekly Template has a maximum “Approval Date” of 7 days and a two week template has a maximum “Approval Date” of 14 days.

Semi-Monthly Templates

We have added a new type of Templates: “Semi-Monthly Templates”.

These templates work almost identically to Monthly templates but will generate two Invoices for one month. The first Invoice will be for days 1 to 15 and the second Invoice will be for days 16 to the end of the month.

Semi-Monthly Templates can be created now in the Templates Tab. For more information see our Templates knowledge base article.

Custom Pay Stub Line Items

Time To Pet allows you to quickly and easily generate Pay Stubs for your Staff based off of their schedule and their pre-configured pay rates. You have always been able to make any last minute changes to the generated entries for each Staff but you can now add custom items to each Pay Stub as well.

Custom Line Items can be used to compensate your Staff for non-schedule based items.

After Generating a Pay Stub, in the Review/Edit screen look for the new “Add Custom Item” button.