In Time To Pet  -  Invoicing is intrinsically linked to scheduling. That means whenever you schedule services for your client  -  you are creating the invoices for them at the same time. That is a huge time saver as you do not need to go back at the end of the week or the end of the month and count all of the visits and create your invoices. That's not the only way we save you time as it relates to Invoicing. We've also created Bulk Invoicing to do many of your Invoicing actions in bulk!

Bulk Invoicing can be found in the Invoicing section of the sidebar.This feature let's you filter all of your invoices and perform certain actions in bulk. For example  -  if your clients have all asked you to run the card on file for their weekly invoices - you can do so in Bulk Invoicing! Similarly, if you like to email out all of your invoices on Wednesdays -  you can do that here too! Lastly -  if you have 10 checks at the end of the day and you would like to quickly mark all of those invoices as paid  -  Bulk Invoicing is your place! Here is what Bulk Invoicing looks like:

To utilize Bulk Invoicing  -  it's important to understand all of the different parts of this feature. First up is the filter. You can filter based on many date rules and also by the Invoice status:

After you have filtered the invoices you need  -  you can select which ones you would like to take action on. You can also quickly check all or check none too:

After you've selected your invoices --- you can choose to charge the payment method on file, email the invoices or add payment to the selected invoices in bulk:

Bulk Invoicing - Select Action

Time To Pet also shows you a History of all invoices adjusted using the Bulk Invoicing tool:

And you can also add Credits or Open Payments to invoices in bulk too! Be sure to also check out our Bulk Invoicing Help Article.