One of the major benefits of Pet Sitting Software is the ability to go paperless. The ultimate goal is take your entire registration packet and make it virtual. While that seems like a really awesome idea — we understand that it might not be right for everyone. Many of our clients still like getting a signature on forms like their Vet Release or their Service Agreement. You might have other paperwork like a Shot Records chart from your client’s Vet.

But what happens to that paperwork? Does it sit in a cabinet in your office collecting dust? What happens if you are out in the field and you really need it? Do you have to rush home to grab it? Not with Time To Pet! For all paper documents that you have — you can easily store them right in your Client’s Profile! Each and every client has a “Docs” tab where you can upload and store documents.

Simply navigate to your Client’s Profile, select the Docs tab and upload the document! It’s that simple! When you are in the field, you can access all of these documents as well!