This week’s Friday Feature Focus is all about your clients — and specifically what you call them. What do we mean? Well — Pet Sitting or Dog Walking is a unique business. While our “clients” are all the human owners — we tend to know them by their pets! I’m sure you’ve been there when you can’t quite remember a client’s name. All you can think of is “Fido’s Mom and Dad”! That’s actually very common. Let’s face it — you meet the humans once during the Meet & Greet and then you typically don’t ever see them again (or at least not very often). You do get to see Fido each and every day though!

Because of this unique arrangement — Time To Pet has created a unique way to label your clients! This is called our Client Naming Convention. With the Client Naming Convention — you can create rules for how your client’s names appear in various places throughout Time To Pet. The three options are “John Doe”, “John Doe (Fido, Rocky)” or “Fido, Rocky (John Doe)”. Setting the Client Naming Convention to how you know your clients will ensure you never experience one of those “Who the heck is John Doe?” moments!

You can adjust the Client Naming Convention in your Company Settings under the Miscellaneous group:

Client Naming Convention

After setting your Client Naming Convention and saving — search for some pets in the top search bar:

Pet Search with Client Naming Convention

You can also see the changes on your Scheduler:

Event on Scheduler with Client Naming Convention

These are just some of the places the Client Naming Convention will take effect! Be sure to stay tuned for our next Friday Feature Focus and have a very safe and very successful holiday weekend!