This week — our Friday Feature Focus is on Client Reports! One of the major benefits of pet sitting software is that your system will store all of your client information in one place. Because this data is organized — you can search the data to find exactly what you are looking for. Client Reports is another way to find exactly the data you need!

Client Reports make it really easy to download segments of your clients. Why would you ever need to download a segment of your clients you ask? Well — here’s a couple scenarios!

Say you are considering hiring a new walker and you want to get some data on which zip codes you have the most clients in. You could download all of your clients into a spreadsheet and try and sort through them — or you could simply use the Filter By Zip Code Report!

Or what if you needed a list of clients who haven’t used your service in 6 months so you could send them a postcard. There is an In-Active Clients report for that!

There are lots of reasons to use the Client Reports section! If you need to download a segment of your client list, you can find these reports in Reporting -> Clients

Have a great weekend!