When scheduling events for your clients  - Time To Pet automatically creates the invoice for you as well. This means that you do not need to go back and count your visits to generate the invoice. We generate the invoice based on the service that was scheduled and the "Default Cost" of the event. For example  -  if your "Dog Walking" service has a default cost of $20 then when you schedule the event, it will create a line item for $20 on the invoice. But many of your clients may pay you a different amount. Let's say your brother also happens to be your clients and you charge him less?

Time To Pet supports Custom Rates for this exact reason! Custom Rates can be added on a client by client basis and when a custom rate is set  -  Time To Pet will always use that custom rate when generating new invoices.

*Pro tip*  -  Custom rates will only apply to new invoices. For example  - if a customer has been using your services for two years and you decide to reduce their rate by adding a new custom rate, their previous invoices will not be updated.

You can add a custom rate by navigating to the Rates tab on a client's profile:

Custom rates can either be a flat rate (like reducing a $25 service to $20):

Or they can be a % discount (like giving your client a 20% discount by setting the rate to 80%):

Just be sure to save your changes!