Dealing with cancellations is one of the most time consuming aspects of running a pet sitting or dog walking business. Here at Time To Pet — we’ve taken a few steps to make this process simpler for our clients. One way we do this is with our Default Cancellation Charge feature!

Most pet care companies have a very specific cancellation policy. It may be a 50% charge on all cancellations or charging full price when visits are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. Regardless of your approach, you are probably finding yourself enforcing your cancellation policy quite often.

The Default Cancellation Charge feature allows you to set a simple rule to more quickly process cancellations. This feature can be found in Scheduler Settings:

When adjusting your Default Cancellation Charge, it’s important to keep in mind what happens most often when your clients cancel. Do your clients typically cancel and you charge them full price? When you’re clients cancel — do you charge them 50%? Do you usually not charge them at all? Set your default to how you most often charge your customers. For this scenario — our company typically charges a 50% cancellation fee:

Be sure to save your changes! Now, next time you cancel a visit in Time To Pet — the cancellation prompt will default to your 50% fee:

Need to make an exception to your cancellation policy for this visit? No worries! You can always adjust how much you are charging your customer before clicking Save!