As a busy pet sitter, your time is best spent working on your business. Whether that be in the field completing visits, training a new staff member or working on your next marketing campaign, the time you spend on admin tasks like Invoicing should be limited. Today's Friday Feature Focus highlights our automated Extra Pet Rates which is one more way we make invoicing simpler.

When enabled, Extra Pet Rates will tack on automated fees to your client's invoice based on how many pets that have been selected for that visit. For example --- if you charge $5 for each additional pet and your client scheduled a walk for all three of their dogs, Time To Pet will automatically add the $10 extra pet fee to their invoice for you!

Extra Pet Rates can be found right in the Services section by editing one of your services.

You'll notice that there are two drop downs in the Extra Pet Rates section. The first relates to how you charge your client for extra pets. The second relates to how much you charge them.

There are a lot of different ways a pet sitting or dog walking company can charge extra pet fees. Some clients may include three pets in their base rate and then charge extra for all pets after that. Some may charge just for the first extra pet and not for any others. This first tool will allow you to set up your fees exactly how you need to.

You will notice that there are two options here. One has a "+" symbol and one does not. When selecting the option with the "+" symbol, you are telling Time To Pet to charge that amount for that extra pet and all extra pets after that. For example --- if you charge a simple $2 for each extra pet, you would set up your extra pet rate like this:

The second option does not include a "+" symbol. This means that you will charge a different amount for that extra pet. Let's say your policy is that the first extra pet is free but you charge $5 for each extra pet after that? You would set up the tool like this:

And if you charge $10 for the first extra pet but don't charge anything extra for other pets? You can set up the tool like this:

Extra Pet Rates will be automatically added to events that match your settings above. But what happens if you want to waive the extra pet fee for a client? Or maybe you want to charge a client a larger extra pet fee? You can override your settings by navigating directly to the Edit Event screen and adjust the Extra Pet Rate for that individual visit.

Just be to sure to save your changes! And one final "pro" tip for you. If you want to edit the extra pet fee for multiple visits at once, just use the Bulk Edit Services tool!