Time To Pet allows our clients to customize a lot of what happens in their customer’s portals. One of these customization options is the ability to Hide or Show Draft Invoices. Before we talk about this feature — let’s first discuss how Invoices are tagged. There are six Invoice Statuses that Time To Pet uses. These include:

  • Draft — The default status for an invoice. An invoice that does not meet any of the other status’ criteria will be a Draft invoice.
  • Sent To Client — Invoice has not received any payment and has been emailed to the Client.
  • Partially Paid — The Invoice has received payment but not full payment.
  • Paid — The Invoice has been paid in full.
  • Past Due — The Invoice has not been paid in full and the due date is in the past.
  • Void — The invoice has been manually marked as Void.

Time To Pet will never show Voided invoices to your clients in the portal and by default, we won’t show Paid Invoices either (however, you can also customize this). That leaves Draft, Sent To Client, Partially Paid and Past Due.

In certain situations — you may actually want to prevent your clients from seeing Draft Invoices. Let’s say you tend to make a lot of changes to your invoices before finalizing them. Or maybe your client’s have a habit of paying invoices really far in advance and then making lots of changes to them. This can cause a little bit of additional work on your end.

To prevent this — you can very easily hide Draft Invoices from your clients in the portal. That means all invoices tagged as Draft will not be shown but invoices that are tagged as Sent To Client, Partially Paid and Past Due will be.

To adjust this setting, first navigate to the Portal Settings section of your TTP account. The setting you need to adjust is “Hide Draft Invoices From Portal?”:

Hide Draft Invoices From Portal

Be sure to save after making your changes!

P.S. — The setting for showing Paid Invoices in the portal is in Portal Settings as well!