In 2016, Time To Pet customers sent their clients over 1.5 million pictures through our system. That is 1.5 million furry faces that are smiling on their walk, relaxing on their cat tree or playing fetch in the backyard! The adage "A Picture Says A Thousand Words" is most certainly true when you are looking at the pictures that your staff members are taking and sending to your customers.

To make it easier to see and use these pictures --- Time To Pet has built a fully sortable Image Gallery. The Image Gallery allows you and your team to very quickly see all of those smiling faces and download them with one click. See a particularly awesome picture you want to share on Instagram? The Image Gallery is the easiest place to snag it and then share it where you want to.

The Image Gallery can be found in Messages (just click the "Gallery" tab).

By default, Time To Pet will show you just the 50 most recent pictures from this month but you can change your sorting or change how many pictures you want to see.

After sorting your gallery, you can view all your great pictures and download them with one click!

Enjoy sharing these on your Instagram page!