Friday Feature Focus - Mark Staff as Inactive

Last month, we highlighted the Mark Client as Inactive feature. Today, we are highlighting the “Mark Staff as Inactive” option in Time To Pet. Similar to marking a client as inactive, you can mark a staff as inactive directly from the staff member’s profile page. Just look for the blue Quick Actions button in the top right:

After selecting the “Make Inactive” button, Time To Pet will ask you two questions and explain exactly what is happening here. Keep in mind that when you mark a staff as inactive, Time To Pet will remove them from your staff list, will reassign all scheduled events to one of your remaining active staff members, and will update the “preferred” sitter settings for all clients the soon to be inactive staff is listed for.

The first question is asking which staff member you would like to reassign the soon to be inactive staff member’s scheduled events and template to.

The second question asks how you would like to manage the “preferred” sitter setting for all clients that the soon to be inactive staff is set as a preferred sitter for. You can either replace the staff member with the staff selected from the above question or you can simply move the other “preferred” sitters up in order. For example - if the soon to be inactive staff member is listed as the “primary” staff member for a client - Time To Pet will move the current secondary staff member to “primary” and will move the tertiary staff member to “secondary”.

After making your selections, click the “Make Inactive” button and the staff is inactive.

Just like with clients, you can re-activate staff members. Just navigate to the “Inactive Staff” list (by clicking the View Inactive Staff button on the bottom of the Main Staff List). From here, select a staff and click the blue Quick Actions button to re-activate them.

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