Friday Feature Focus - Payments Report

Today's Friday Feature Focus is covering the Payments Report. The Payments Report is one of the many reports that Time To Pet can generate for your business. This report details all of the payments that are being added to your Time To Pet account --- whether they have been manually added (like when a client pays via cash or check) or automatically added (like when a client pays via credit card).

The Payments Report can be found right in the Reporting section. Just look for the "Payments" tab.

Similar to most reports in Time To Pet --- you can filter the payments report by date range or by a specific client. You can also download this report as a spreadsheet.

The top of the table will show you two important figures. #1 --- the total payments. This is the total amount of payments that your clients have made during the date range selected. #2 --- total tax. This is the total amount of tax that your clients have paid during the date range. Keep in mind that total tax is included in the total payments section since tax is something your clients would have paid.

Below the payment and tax totals is the payments table. This will show you the date of each payment made, the client, the invoice the payment is associated with, the amount paid, any tax collected, the tax rate, the method the payment was made (either manual, WePay or PayPal) and a description of the payment.

If you scroll down past the table --- you will see a Tax Report. This shows you all of your tax rates, the total amount of tax collected for that rate in this period and the total amount of payments (not including any taxes). This is also known as taxable sales. This report shows all of the data required to make a sales tax payment to your local tax collector.

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