Our next Friday Feature Focus is on Portal Notifications. Portal Notifications is a flexible tool that allows you to notify your customers of something important by a banner notification in the Client Portal. Want to let your customers know you are fully booked next week? Or maybe let them know to book their holiday visits early? Or even giving them instructions about what you’d like them to leave in the Notes section when requesting services? Portal Notifications works for all of these scenarios.

To enable your Portal Notification — navigate to Portal Settings. Portal Notifications can either be “Not Shown”, “Visible” or “Visible With Expiration Date”. When set to “Not Shown” — no Portal Notification will be visible to your clients:

Portal Notification - Not Shown

When set to “Visible” — Your clients will see the Portal Notification and it will remain until you change it or set it back to “Not Shown”. This is great for permanent instructions you would like to share with your clients:

When set to “Visible With Expiration Date” — you can create a Portal Notification that will stop being shown after a certain date. For example — if you want to ask your clients to book their holidays visits early but you want the message to not be shown after the holidays — use this option:

For your clients — the Portal Notification will be displayed on the top of their Client Portal. The Notification will be included on each and every page for them as well!

Have a fantastic weekend!