One of the very first things we learned when building Time To Pet is that no two pet care companies are the same. Even companies that operate in the same city work very differently. One of the aspects we built to help these companies continue to run the way they do is Custom Fields.

Custom Fields allow you to capture the exact data you need from your clients. If you need to know the lockbox location --- you can create a custom field for that. Because you can create so many custom fields for your clients --- occasionally they may need a little help understanding what type of data you are looking for.

For example --- let's say you have a field for "Relationship" in your Emergency Contact information. While it may seem self-explanatory, you may want to give your client a few examples of the type of data you are looking for here. Things like "Spouse, Neighbor, Friend?" might prevent any confusion as to what you are expecting your client to enter.

When utilizing Preview Text in Time To Pet --- you can do just that! The very first time a client is updating their profile, you can give them examples of the exact type of data you are looking for. This text will be grayed out but still visible to your client.

As soon as your client starts to enter their information --- the preview text is replaced with their real information.

You can manage all of your Preview Text directly in the Custom Fields section of Time To Pet. Just click the Configure button next to any text field:

And then you can customize the Preview Text: