One of the major benefits of Time To Pet and pet sitting software in general is that it is cloud-based. That means you can access your important information from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Time To Pet makes it even simpler by giving staff members dedicated mobile applications to view all of their scheduled events. But what happens when your smartphone has a cracked screen and you can't replace it until the weekend? Just print your schedule!

Printing staff schedules in Time To Pet is super easy. There are two places to print them. The first is directly in Reporting. When opening the Reporting section of Time To Pet --- the first tab you see is Schedules. You can generate printable versions of staff schedules right here. The top section of this tool allows you to select the dates you need the schedules for and who you want to generate those staff schedules for. The date range can be the schedule for today, tomorrow, this week, next week, this month, next month or a custom range. You can also choose to generate schedules for all staff, one staff, or multiple staff.

You can then customize what information is included in the staff schedule reports. Want to show the amount the staff member makes for that visit? Or special information about the client? Just customize the "Columns For Schedule Report" section.

When you are all done --- select the "Generate Schedule" button. Time To Pet will show you the schedule one last time and you can make any edits to the information that you'd like. As soon as everything looks good, you can download this as a PDF (if you wanted to email it to your staff) or print it directly!

The second way to print schedules is super easy. Each morning Time To Pet will email staff members their scheduled events for the day. If there are a lot of events listed, we will even break them down in a PDF. Both the email and the PDF are very easily printed!