Friday Feature Focus - Quick Re-Assign

Michael Grenier
Michael Grenier November 2, 2018

Today, we are going to be highlighting one of the best (and often underutilized) tools in Time To Pet to help you quickly and easily schedule your events. It’s called “Quick Re-Assign” and this tool makes it easy to drag and drop events from one staff member’s calendar to another!

This tool is especially helpful for businesses that tend to re-assign visits to staff members as the dates get closer. For example - you may assign all upcoming events to yourself but at the end of the week, you re-assign those events to your staff members as the dates get closer. Quick Re-Assign will make it incredibly easy to visualize which staff member has availability and allows you to drag and drop an event onto that staff member’s calendar.

Check out the Time To Pet Academy article on Scheduling Pet Care Servicesl for some more helpful hints!

Quick Re-Assign can be found in the Scheduler section of Time To Pet. Just look for the drop down to the right of the “Bulk Update” button.

Friday Feature Focus Quick Re-Assign Button

After loading the Quick Re-Assign tool, you can select which day you would like to adjust events for and which staff members you want to be included.

Friday Feature Focus Quick Re-Assign Select Date and Staff

You can select up to four staff members to be listed here. Time To Pet will show the calendar for each staff member and you can drag and drop events to move them from one staff to another.

Friday Feature Focus Quick Re-Assign Video

The Geo Schedule Tool is another great way to schedule events for your pet sitting business!

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