Friday Feature Focus - Redeeming Credit to Client's Account

Kyle Thielk
Kyle Thielk December 21, 2018

This week - we are building on our Friday Feature Focus from last week and will be reviewing how to actually redeem credits to a client’s invoice.

If you missed our last Friday Feature Focus on Adding Credit To A Client’s Account, be sure to read it first!

There are three really simple ways to apply credit to a client’s invoice and we will touch on all of them here. First is redeeming credit when adding a payment to an invoice.

Option 1 - Applying Credit When Adding New Payment

When a client has an “Open Invoice” (an invoice that has not been fully paid), you can navigate to the “Edit Invoice” screen by clicking the “Edit” button.

Redeeming Credit By Editing Invoice

From this screen, just click “Add Payment” to add a new payment to the invoice.

Redeeming Credit by Adding Payment in Edit Invoice Screen

If your client has a credit on their account, Time To Pet will prompt you to use that credit.

Redeeming Credit By Applying Payment In Edit Invoice Screen

Clicking this link will prompt you to apply this credit to the invoice.

Redeeming Credit Popup Window

Option 2 - Applying Credit When Viewing The Scheduler

You can also apply credits when viewing the invoice on the calendar. When you are viewing your service order for the invoice in the Scheduler section, Time To Pet will prompt you if the client has any credits on their account. You can apply these credits to the invoice here.

Redeeming Credit From Service Order in Scheduler

After clicking this button, Time To Pet will show you the same popup window to finalize applying the credits.

Redeeming Credit Popup Window

Option 3 - Applying Credit Using Bulk Invoicing

The last (and usually easiest) way to apply credits to an open invoice is by using the Bulk Invoicing tool. This tool makes it really simple to perform actions on your invoices in bulk. After navigating to the Bulk Invoicing section, look for the tab that says “Credits”. If there are any open invoices that can have credits applied, Time To Pet will show you an indicator here.

Credit Notification in Bulk Invoicing

You’ll notice in the following screenshot that John Doe has two open invoices that can have credits applied. However, he only has $20 in credits. By default, Time To Pet will apply the credits to the oldest invoice first but you can override this if needed.

Just select the checkbox next to the invoice you want to apply credits to and click the blue “Apply Credit To Invoices” button.

Redeeming Credit in Bulk Invoicing

For more information on applying and redeeming credits, be sure to check out our help article on this topic.

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