When you are pet sitting — there is certain information that is an absolute must have. For example — it’s impossible to pet sit if your client hasn’t given you their address. Something we are always working hard on is “How can Time To Pet make our client’s jobs easier?” Our Required Fields feature does just that!

When your clients are entering their information for the first time — there is a chance that they jump the gun and request services before giving you all of the information you need. To help prevent this — Time To Pet allows you to set certain fields as Required. When a field is marked as Required, your client will be unable to request services until they complete the field.

The Required Field feature can be found in Custom Fields. Each field in Time To Pet has a few checkboxes attached to them. These include things like “Client Editable” (which means can your client edit this field), “Client Visible” (can your client see this field), “User or Staff Visible” (can your users or staff members see this field) and “Required”. If you set a field as “Required” — your client will need to complete this field before requesting services.

In your Client’s Portal — they will see all Required fields noted with a blue asterisk.

If your client has not completed all of their Required Fields and attempt to schedule services — they will be notified that some Required Fields are missing. We will also give them a link to their My Info section to complete these fields.

After completing their Required Fields — your client can then request services like normal!