Friday Feature Focus - System Notifications

Happy Friday! This week, we are highlighting a relatively new feature in Time To Pet - System Notifications. System Notifications allow you to see additional types of communication you send to your clients right in their conversation feed in addition to any regular messages.

Historically, the “Conversation Feed” was a place where Time To Pet showed just regular messages sent to your client. These included post-visit reports sent by you and your team via the Staff App, responses sent back from your client or any message you wrote to your client via their feed in their client profile. It looked something like this:

With System Notifications enabled, you’ll also be able to see other types of things that are sent to your client. For example - if you wanted to see when invoices were emailed (in chronological order along with other types of messages), you can do this by enabling System Notifications.

A couple items to keep in mind - System Notifications will never be shown to regular staff members (or office managers who do not have the appropriate permissions set). System Notifications will also look a little different than standard messages as they will have a red border on the left and will be tagged as “System Notifications”. You can also click the red text (the subject line) and Time To Pet will load the exact message that you sent. And lastly - System Notifications can be enabled or disabled right in the Company Notifications section.

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