Friday Feature Focus - Theme Settings

One of the most important aspects of your company's brand is your identity. The identity of a company can be hard to define but in the literal sense --- it is the look and feel of your business. A major piece of that is your logo and your colors. In order to help you maintain your brand identity inside of Time To Pet --- we've incorporated the ability to adjust all of the coloring right inside of your pet sitting software. This is for your staff dashboard, your client portal and even the emails sent from your account.

WIth that being said, today's Friday Feature Focus is highlighting the Theme Settings section of Time To Pet! The Theme Settings is where you can customize all of the coloring in your Time To Pet account. Want to change the header color to green? Not a problem! Want to change the colors in the emails sent to your clients? You can do that here to!

The Theme Settings section of Time To Pet can be found in the Settings section. Just click any of the color icons to adjust the color for that section of Time To Pet.

After making your changes, click the "Save Theme Settings" button to update your account.

You can also adjust the logo used in your emails and the logo used on your Client Mobile App here as well. If you ever want to return the settings to default --- you can do so by navigating to the bottom of the page and selecting the "Revert Theme To Defaults" button.

Enjoy your weekend!

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