With U.S. Thanksgiving right around the corner --- we wanted to highlight a new feature in Time To Pet that is extremely relevant this time of the year. Varying Holidays! Varying Holidays allow you to create and manage a holiday in your Time To Pet account that happens on a different day each year. For example --- this year Thanksgiving is on November 23rd but in 2018, Thanksgiving is on November 22nd and in 2019 --- it is on November 28th.

You can create a new Varying Holiday in the Holiday tab of Services.

After naming your Holiday, setting your Holiday fee and choosing how you will be charging the client, you can set the "Changes Each Year?" field to "Date Varies".

This will load a tool that allows you to set future dates for your Varying Holiday. We will go ahead and schedule Thanksgiving all the way to year 2021.

Now, whenever that day (and year) happens, Time To Pet will automatically add our Holiday Fee for Thanksgiving. No need to remember to change the holiday each year!