Happy Friday! In today’s Friday Feature Focus - we are highlighting our “View Past Service Order Requests” tool. Occasionally in Time To Pet - you may be curious about a service order request that a client submitted in the past. You may just want to see how often the client submits new requests, review some of their notes from an old request or double check to confirm which Schedule Block a visit was requested in.

You can see all of this information using the View Past Requests tool. To get here - just navigate to the client’s profile and click the blue “Quick Actions” button in the top right. You will see an option for “View Past Requests” here.

After clicking the View Past Requests button, Time To Pet will show you a list of all requests this client has made via their Client Portal or from their Client App. There are seven columns listed here.

The first column will show you the actual day and time that the client submitted their request. Next, Time To Pet will show you which service was requested and what Schedule Block the client selected for that visit. We will also show you the requested time (both the day and time of day), a link to load the invoice on the Scheduler (if the event has an invoice), the status of the request (Pending, Approved, Declined) and any notes the client included with their request.

Keep in mind that all of these columns can also be sorted. Just click the up and down arrows next to the column header to sort.

And as always - have a safe and enjoyable weekend! Happy Sitting!