How To Announce Your Pet Sitting Software

Jenna Griffis
Jenna Griffis January 17, 2019

You’ve started your pet sitting or dog walking business and created your website. You’ve signed up for pet sitting software and are ready to spread the word to your clients. What’s your next step? In this post, we will be discussing best practices to announce your pet sitting software to your customers.

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If you’re transferring from another software, you may be importing all of your clients into Time To Pet. In this case, you will be setting up those accounts on your clients’ behalf. These imported clients will need a link to access the Time To Pet Client Portal for the first time, and this unique link can be found in your Company Settings as your Client Portal Tag.

Setting Your Client Portal Tag

After you’ve created your unique URL, you can then add this to your website as a “Client Portal” or “Client Login” button. This is a very common way that our clients make the Time To Pet Client Portal visible to their existing clients. Here are some links on how to add a link to your website for some of the most popular website builders:

If you’d prefer not to add this to your website, you can still send the Portal Tag to your clients at any time.

Be sure to personalize your Client Welcome Email:

The first email that your clients receive about Time To Pet should be both informative and personalized to your business. It’s important to consider what you want your clients to know about the software. You might also consider adding a blurb about downloading the Time To Pet app from their mobile app store. Once you’ve nailed down the content of your welcome email and made your edits in Messaging Customization, you can send this to your clients by choosing “Send Portal Instructions” from the Quick Actions menu on their client profile. This email will include their Time To Pet login information so that they can access the portal for the first time.

Sending Portal Instructions To Clients

If you need to invite many clients at once - you use the Bulk Email tool in Time To Pet! Here is a template you can use as an email campaign in Messaging:

We are very excited to announce that COMPANY NAME is implementing new Pet Sitting Software to improve your experience as you use our services! The new software is called Time To Pet and all of our customers now have their very own Client Portal account on the system. Using your Client Portal, you can now provide real time updates to all of your pet information, your information as well as request future services, view all scheduled events, view your invoices and more.

To activate your account, please visit and enter your email address and click “Send Activation Email”. You will receive an email with your temporary password as well as instructions on how to login to your Client Portal account.

After logging in for the first time, please take a moment to review all of the information in the “Pets” section as well as the “My Info” section. If any information needs to be updated, please take a moment to update the info as well. If you have any questions about using the Portal, you can visit the Help Section ( or you can contact us directly. Thank you again!

Allowing your clients to create their own accounts:

What about brand new clients that you haven’t met yet? While you may not want just anyone to become a client, you do have the option to allow new clients to create an account to be approved by you. If you’d like to get these clients into your system as quick as possible, another option available is to have these accounts be automatically approved. Your new clients will have access to a brief form that you can customize in your Portal Settings. If you’ve decided to add the portal link to your website, you might also consider adding a “New Client” link as well, using the URL found under “Allow Clients To Create Accounts?” This URL will populate after you’ve customized your Client Portal Tag in Company Settings.

Finding Your New Client Form URL

Alternatively, you can use your own form (or gather client info during a phone call) and manually add these clients to Time To Pet. You can then send them a “Welcome Email” (that you’ve already customized) with the Time To Pet portal information so that they can access their portal account.

Getting to know your clients is an important first step in forming a lasting relationship for your business. Always consider what works best for you before providing portal access!

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