We have released a new version of the Time To Pet Mobile Application which is now available on both Android and iOS. This new release include multiple interface improvements as well as multiple performance upgrades.

  • Events now report to the Dashboard when they have been started. If GPS Check-In/Check-Out is enabled this will also report available location to the Dashboard. This allows the Administrator/Office Manager to always be aware of events that are started but not yet completed.

  • The font size used through the app can now be increased or decreased. Head to the Account tab to adjust your font size.

  • Client name and service now included on Complete Service screen ensures you have the context required to be confident you are completing the correct service.

  • The App will now prompt you with a warning if you are starting a service that has a start time more than 4 hours into the future. The app will not prevent you from starting the service, this is only meant as as a warning.

  • First and Last visit information (if configured to be shown) is now more prominent.

  • It is now possible to quickly route to a Client’s home address from their Profile (as well as the schedule screen) using the Map icon in the upper right corner.