Private Messaging in Time To Pet

The new Private Messages feature allows you (the admin) and your Clients to have a private conversation, visible only by your administration team. Non-admins will not have access to Private Messages and will not receive notification of any activity on the Private Message feed.

Normally any message you send to a Client or any messages they send you will be visible to any walker/sitter that has serviced this Client before. This is great when you want to send Report Cards or if a Client has a question about a specific visit. For some topics a Private Message is more appropriate.

Private Messages are disabled by default. To enable them - head to your Portal Settings page.

Once enabled every Client's account will now have a 'Private' tab:

Private Messages tab on Client's profile.

Clients will also see a 'Private' tab in the Client Portal and Client App (only available on the most recent version of the application).

Private Messaging in the Client Portal

Private Messaging in the Client App

Administrators using the Time To Pet App will also be able to see and reply to Private Messages from the Client's profile.

See our help article on private messaging for more information.