Lots of Updates for December 2019!

Kyle Thielk
Kyle Thielk December 20, 2019

We are wrapping up another great year with a bunch of new updates for our customers! These range from small improvements to viewing events to one of our most requested features - percentage-based holiday fees. Let's get started with this one!

Percentage-based Holiday Fees

Automated holiday fees have always been an important part of Time To Pet. Historically - these fees have been set as a flat dollar amount and automatically applied to all events happening on the holiday you've selected. For example - $5 for all visits on New Years Day.

This works great for many businesses but for some companies that have a large list of service types - it makes more sense to charge a percentage. Does it make sense to charge the same holiday fee for a 15 minute walk as you do for overnight pet sitting? Maybe not.

Time To Pet now officially supports these percentage-based holiday fees! When editing or creating a new holiday fee - you can set the cost to be a flat dollar amount or a percentage.

Screenshot of the percentage-based holiday fee

If you select the percentage option - you can choose whether this is a percentage of just the primary service, the primary service and any add-on services, or the primary service, add-on services and any extras (like weekend, extra pet or after hours fees).

Screenshot of how to set the applies to of a percentage-based holiday fee

When viewing your holiday fee on an individual event, you can also edit it to be a percentage-based and choose what it's applied to (like just the primary service).

Screenshot of the percentage-based holiday fee on an event

Lastly - you can bulk update events with the new percentage-based holiday fee when using the Bulk Update tool.

Screenshot of the percentage-based holiday fee in bulk update

For more info on holiday fees in Time To Pet - check out our Holiday Fees help doc!

Event Pop-up Updates on Calendar

When clicking on an event on the main Scheduler, you'll notice a pop-up window that shows some basic information about the event. We've made some updates to this pop-up to show more info including the scheduled end time of the event and the Client Time Display (if this is set for the event).

Screenshot of an example event pop-up with scheduled end time and client time display

New Schedule Reports

We've added some awesome new functionality to Schedule Reports and also re-organized this to fit nicely into our Reporting section. These reports are also now downloadable! First is the "Pending Requests" report. This shows you a full report of all pending requests (both processed and pending) and shows an average of how long it takes for a new request to get processed.

Screenshot of pending requests report

Next up is the "Pending Request Volume" report. This helpful report shows you data on when pending requests are submitted and the requested events.

Screenshot of pending requests volume report

We've also added a "Day of the Week" chart to the Visit Volume Report. This makes it really easy to see what days are your busiest.

Screenshot of day of week chart in visit volume report

Show Total Selected and Total Chargeable in Bulk Invoicing

When using the Bulk Invoicing tool - it can be helpful to get an estimate of the total amount you are about to charge for your customers. Now, you can see the total value of all invoices you have selected and the total amount that is chargeable (meaning the client has a payment method on file) just before you process payments.

Screenshot of total showing on bulk invoicing page

Better Tracking for Deleted Pending Events

When your customer submits a request for new services - their plans may change and you want to delete those events (instead of marking yourself as unavailable). You can now see a complete history of deleted events by navigating to the client's profile, clicking the blue "Quick Actions" button and viewing their past requests.

Screenshot of deleted pending events reporting

Bulk Edit Duration of Events

We've added some additional functionality when using the Bulk Edit tool. You can now override event durations when bulk editing the service type on a group of events. For example - if you are flipping out a 30 minute walk for a 15 minute walk - you can be sure the event duration is updated as expected.

Screenshot of the bulk editing the duration of events

Staff/User Updates

Lastly but certainly not least, we've got two updates on how you manage your staff members. You can now resend staff pay stubs (or user invoices) to your staff members via email and we've also made it impossible for staff to delete their historical time off.

Thank you for helping make 2019 an incredible year for us here at Time To Pet. We are so lucky to work with such incredible clients and we have lots in store for 2020. Happy Holidays!

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